Introducing an elegant and memorable approach to the intimate ceremony of scattering

Styles of Urns offered by Angel Aire Ash Scattering Services
Styles ash scattering urns

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Select a from the many Styles and colors of Urns we offer for your Ash Scattering Ceremony.  Want something you don't see that best suits the look and feel of your ceremony?  Drop us a line by Contacting Us.   
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How can a choice of one urn be made given the vast array of cremation urns available?   The choice provides both possibility and challenges.   Finding an urn that perfectly matches your memorial service needs to commemorate yourself or a loved one is our goal.  One challenge is wading through the various designs choices and uses of cremation urns for ashes. Your search time is important to us.  The possibility of renting/buying an inappropriate memorial product is something we avoid.  We've included high quality images of our Urns and most relevant elements in making this important decision.  If you have an idea for an urn you don't see, please contact us!

The Angelaire Difference


Introducing an elegant and memorable approach to the intimate ceremony of scattering

Our engineered and patented urn releases the cremains over an approximate 3 minute duration in an elegant cloud, allowing family and friends time to reflect on a life lived.
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