Introducing an elegant and memorable approach to the intimate ceremony of scattering

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Dear AngelAire,

Scattering can be messy and unorganized…getting the scattering done in a way that everyone can see in a peaceful uniform way has encumbered most scattering events…every good invention solves a problem, and Angel Aire does just that.”

- Jeff Staab, Funeral Director/Celebrant

Dear AngelAire,

The experience was magical and I could not have felt better about letting go any other way…Angel Aire gave me the chance to say good-bye while creating a positive and loving memory.  It was a healing experience.”

- Pamela Gadd, Angel Aire Customer

Dear AngelAire,

Thank you for such a wonderful invention

- The Shiromas, Angel Aire Customers

Dear AngelAire,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making the release of my Father’s ashes a magical experience.”

- Sean Lambert, Angel Aire Customer

Dear AngelAire,

It is difficult to find words that describe my feelings about the scattering.  It was a remarkable experience.  I watched as Mom and Dad’s ashes floated over the meadow, like a white airy cloud that lingered as they waited for the doors of heaven to open.  I have never experienced anything like this at a graveside service or any other scattering-it was magical.”

- Dee Harrison, Angel Aire Customer

The Angelaire Difference


Introducing an elegant and memorable approach to the intimate ceremony of scattering

Our engineered and patented urn releases the cremains over an approximate 3 minute duration in an elegant cloud, allowing family and friends time to reflect on a life lived.
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