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Elegant Scattering



A full offering of farewell event services utilizing the patented scattering urns.

"We make scattering your loved one's ashes a peaceful and memorable experience."

Elegant Scattering

Scattering ashes is an experience that brings closure.  We have created a scattering urn that peacefully returns the ashes to the earth.   AngelAire was created  after the founder, Scotty Crandlemire, had a negative experience scattering ashes of a dear friend.  That experience haunted him over the following days, as the wind and other environmental factors made the ceremony more traumatic than comforting.  AngelAire has been described as; "elegant", "dignified", "memorable", and even "angelic".


The typical family will keep ashes in an urn on a mantel for years, eventually moving it to storage or passing them to other family members.  AngelAire provides families with the opportunity to have closure in a dignified and memorable way.


Respectful Celebration Of Life

When you choose AngelAire, the profound experience provides closure and aids in the grieving process.  By gathering your family and friends you give testimony to the life of your loved one, you celebrate the relationships shared, and you provide a time and place for all who were part of their life to come together in a reflective setting.


Affordable Alternative

AngelAire can be a more cost effective alternative in comparison to costly caskets, burial plots, and funeral services.  We offer scatterings from simple to elaborate, custom tailored to fit within your budget.

Elegant Scattering
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Services Offered

An Angel Aire representative will consult with you to review the following services and options we offer:

  • Identification/securing of site for the ash scattering
  • Angel Aire urn selection - white/wood/black/custom, & pedestal type
  • Selection of message, identify denomination
  • Food needs / head count / caterer / restaurant (if off-site reception)
  • Table/chairs/canopies for on-site reception & seating during ceremony
  • Keepsakes (rings, pendants, etc)
  • Police escort for caravans
  • A/V needs (audio for the speaker and for music, video capture of the services, live webcasting if internet available, photographer, celebration of life slideshow/video memorial, lighting for night events, power/generator at site)
  • Flyer needs (printed schedule of events/memorial brochure for the service, maps/directions to site/restaurant)
  • Poster board on table for display of pictures and memorabilia
  • Floral arrangements
Dear Scotty,  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for making the release of my father's ashes a magical experience. After my dad passed away I was left with the task of handling his remains. I put together a beautiful service where family and friends could remember him and share stories but I did not bury or scatter his ashes at that time because I needed it to be done in some special way. I spent over three years trying to come up with a method and location that would provide the closure I so desperately needed. When the opportunity to send him off using the Angle Air release urn was presented I knew I found that "special way" I had been looking for.

When I saw the urn for the first time I thought to myself "what a beautiful piece of art" the quality and craftsmanship is incredible. At the moment it was time to pull the handle and release my father I said a prayer of great thanks. At that time my son and I engaged the urn and what took place I was not ready for. Knowing in advance what was going to happen did not prepare me for the flood of emotions brought on by the way his ashes floated away and swirled in the air. I have seen others scatter ashes.They shake them out and it is over. Well after my dad was released I was able to sit with my wife and son and watch him just float away gracefully. It was truly a spiritual experience that would not have been possible without your vision and dedication to make the Angle Air release urn a reality. Please feel free to use my testimonial in any way you need to help the experience I had reach others. Thanks, Sean Lambert
“The decision to work with AngelAire was a wonderfully rewarding experience. Scotty and his team approached the process with the utmost respect and decorum for what to me was a defining moment. The evening we scattered Vinta’s ashes was every bit as loving and celebratory a memorial as I have ever attended. I was able to share the actual scattering process with my dearest and best friend and Vinta’s beloved Aunt Jen. Together we pulled the trigger on the urn and cried together as my beloved blew gently into the sunset and blanketed the flowers and garden where she so loved to play in life. The experience was almost magical and I could not have felt better about letting go any other way.

What Scotty has created, is a process for saying goodbye that fulfills what your mind imagines as a proper scattering. The moment was spontaneously dramatic, and I couldn’t have imagined saying goodbye any other way. Every time I look out my window and see my flowers blooming, I know Vinta’s love is making them grow. AngelAire gave me the chance to say goodbye while creating a positive and loving memory. It was a healing experience for my family and me. Thank you, Scotty…” - Pamela Gadd, August 2010.