Introducing an elegant and memorable approach to the intimate ceremony of scattering

Embrace the future of scattering by offering the finest of farewells.
AngelAire is now offering leasing in your area.

What is an AngelAire Release Urn?

AngelAire is the dignified solution for scattering. It is an additional option that a funeral home can offer clientele as a revenue-generating service. Our automated urn has been engineered and perfected to provide a breathtaking scattering ceremony that you can offer the family of a passed loved-one. Whether you provide the ceremony for your clientele or they rent AngelAire from your facility, you will have provided the family with the most everlasting good-bye which will  be embedded in memories forever.

Why offer AngelAire Release Urn?

AngelAire Release Urns are the wave of the future within the funeral industry.

Our urns will allow you to provide additional service to profit your business.

You may also rent out the urn, should the family choose to have a non-orchestrated ceremony.

Either way, AngelAire Release Urns should be in your showroom as an additional service option.

The Opportunity

We at AngelAire know the rising statistics within the industry and the competitive marketplace. Cremations are drastically increasing every year. Consumers are watching costs more than ever before and internet shopping is common practice.

AngelAire Release Urn is the answer to your concerns of generating more revenue, keeping generations of families coming back to your company and capturing new business.

  • With the minimal annual lease we will provide you with:
  • 2 AngelAire Release Urns, 1 pedestal, 1 tray, and 2 rolling travel carriers
  • Operating manual, 4 bottles of wind tester, and a cleaning kit
  • One-on-one training on the use and maintenance of the urn including loading, cleaning and recharging the unit
  • Marketing material (i.e. logo, ready-made advertising, pictures, and brochures)
  • Customer service line

The AngelAire Release Urn is and will continue to be the only answer when it comes to a dignified scattering ceremony.

Don’t miss this long awaited opportunity to provide this solution for the industry and consumers alike.

The Workings of AngelAire Release Urn

Our engineered and patented urn releases the cremains over an approximate 3 minute duration in an elegant cloud, allowing family and friends time to reflect on a life lived.

The urn is pre-loaded by the funeral professional to ensure that the cremated remains have been properly processed, loaded and tamper proofed. After the ceremony, the urn is then returned to your facility where it is cleaned, recharged and ready for the next service.


Industry quotes

In the article How Cremation Trends Will Affect Your 2016 author Jon Goldman ( writes: “Every industry in the world is constantly changing.  The best industry leaders always ask themselves, ‘are we relevant?’ Are there new opportunities in the market?”

Another article titled Cremation Is a Gold Mine-If You Have the Tools to Dig, states “Boomers are seeking products and services that are more unique than ever…by providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn the fast growing cremation rate into a gold mine.”


  • Benefits to Funeral Home / Cemetery:
  • Ability to embrace what the consumer/family wants; scattering location is readily available.
  • Conversion rate of cremation with memorial service from direct cremation will increase by including scattering with package (memorial service will produce other sales such as flowers, books and folders, receptions, etc.).
  • Consumers not against memorialization, but of putting urn in a permanent location: offer elegant scattering with any cemetery purchase (Ie. memorial plaque, upright headstone, any purchase in cremation garden, cemetery, niche wall). Urn does not have to be placed, but engraving a memorial gives family a permanent place to return to for remembrance.
  • Create direct cremation packages with rental/reservation fee for use of the release urn in the cemetery by family members; generating revenue that otherwise would have gone out the door.
  • Offering the release at the cemetery will increase traffic once again to the cemetery.
  • Increase pre-need contract averages.
  • Reach out to other funeral homes and offer the cemetery to them. They in turn can increase their cremation with memorial service package averages; the cemetery can offer same service to their families; scattering service included with any cemetery or memorialization purchase or a rental/reservation fee; also increasing foot traffic to the cemetery.
  • Strengthen the relationship between family service counselors and funeral directors by having something to talk to direct cremation families about that funeral directors are comfortable with.
  • Does not compete with the internet urn sales.
  • Provides the family with an elegant alternative to traditional scattering that will leave a memorable impression; increasing word of mouth advertising and referrals.
  • Capture more “shoppers” by offering a service they want (instead of trying to avoid or talk out of) adding value to your pricing. No longer dreading the “direct cremation” price calls.
  • The AngelAire Release Urn is a win-win for everyone… business, sales, counselors, funeral directors, and most of all families!